Over the 10 years that Counselling Together has been in operation we have been privileged to support over 450 clients. We currently have 10 counsellors and are offering over 100 counselling sessions a month. At the end of each period of counselling, every client is asked to complete a comprehensive evaluation form to help us monitor how well the service is performing.

Listen to some comments from recent clients, please note - comments are spoken by actors in the video for confidentiality.

“I am very glad I had the counselling as it has been extremely helpful to me.  The counsellor herself was very good and the service too.  The cost has been reasonable which has enabled me to keep coming for so long.”

“Counselling has done me the power of good. There’s a massive difference.”

“The best thing was being able to have a voice.”

“Counselling helped me to see things differently.”

“I have a better understanding and am less anxious and depressed as well as more happy and content.”

“There will always be ongoing issues, but the tools provided by the counselling will put me in a much better position to cope.”

“Just to say a Big thank you for being the counsellors that you are.  I found counselling very beneficial and have learned a lot to help me in the future – thank you.”

And one comment from a client’s GP: “Thank you for looking after her.”

“Being able to talk to someone and know I would not be judged.”

“The listening and acceptance I felt during sessions and the way in which I started to realise things as I was talking, which I was not aware of before.”

“The safe non-judgemental environment in which I could vent my  emotions.”

“Being supported to work through my grief knowing I can still have a relationship, but it’s different.”

“It was just a relief to be able to talk to someone.”

“Talking to someone unrelated who is not judgemental.”

“Time to be seen and heard.”

“The chance to express fears and feelings to someone not connected to everyday life.”

“Counselling helps you to see things from a different perspective.”

“Because in both couple and individual sessions, both counsellors have been excellent."

“Counselling helps you clear stuff in your mind and reflect with someone who lets you come to clarity, it lightens your life.”

“Because it’s worthwhile.”

“Counselling enables you to see the truth."