Counselling Together works with partners to deliver a range of Training and Education courses to help pastoral staff, those counselling and the general public. These courses are regularly reviewed and enhanced to ensure they are suitable for the pressures and challenges of life. See the News Page for further details of the dates, fees and locations of upcoming courses and seminars.

The Pastoral / Counselling Crossroads

This new course has been designed to support pastoral staff in understanding the times that counselling might be more appropriate when supporting people with long term or deep emotional needs. A set of tools and guidelines are included to help pastoral staff determine the best approach to take in advising  individuals. Also a joint approach of pastoral and counselling is suggested with confidentiality boundaries indicated.

An Introduction to Christian Counselling

This course provides an exciting opportunity to learn the basic skills involved in Christian Counselling. It is also relevant to Pastoral workers.

The course has been run for the last four years and participants have said how much better equipped they feel to offer help and support. The course is recognised by the Association of Christian Counsellors and the Open College Network and can count towards a qualification in counselling. This fee based course usually runs over 12 evening sessions.

The Happiness Course 

This short course helps people to explore what makes life happy, successful and meaningful, including the importance of active faith and relationships in wellbeing.  The course is run in an informal cafe style approach and is suitable for Pastoral Workers, Christians, friends and family.

Participants at our recent Happiness Course in New Milton said the course was thought-provoking and will enable them to make a difference to their lives and to the lives of others. The course is being run regularly in sites across the New Forest.


A one day workshop to help empower churches to care for the bereaved including understanding bereavement, the grief process, family dynamics and how to help but not hinder those going through bereavement.


We can offer two different courses for those wanting support in the area of depression.

A two hour Pastoral Support Course for those Ministering and Caring for the Depressed. This includes discussion on medical classification, listening skills, scriptural examples and preparing to visit the depressed, including practical pointers.  Feedback from one Church said that “The combination of your professional expertise and your own personal insights into depression was a powerful and effective mix”.

A half day Seminar on Depression.  This would include our Doctor and two counsellors from our team to discuss causes of depression, symptoms, medication and other treatment options including counselling and preventing a relapse. In the past this has been well attended and popular with Churches and the general public.

Mindfulness Course

This new one day course suitable for pastoral staff, Christians, family and friends will enable participants to understand the concept and benefits of mindfulness and to apply mindfulness techniques in their own lives. Mindfulness is used in the reduction of stress and anxiety and in reduction of addictive and self-destructive behaviour.  Research shows it improves physical and mental wellbeing and resilience.

Pastoral Course - Changing Thinking to Improve Emotions

This new 2 hour course discusses the "ABCDE method" of changing unhealthy thinking to healthy thinking and therefore creating healthy emotions. This method makes good use of scriptural truths.

Pastoral Seminars and Team Retreats

We would also be pleased to organise tailored seminars or retreats on emotional issues for churches and other groups: these are ideal for church and community teaching to equip people for the struggles in their lives.