We offer a no obligation initial assessment lasting up to 90 minutes with one of our counsellors, for a small fee. This assessment would be free to those on benefits. Having completed the Assessment you can go away and consider whether counselling would the right choice for you.



Counselling Together is supported by a number of local churches both in providing counselling locations and financial assistance. Additionally all of our counsellors work on a voluntary or reduced cost basis. This means that we are in a position to negotiate fees with you, that are well below the market rate, in line with your personal financial situation.

Please note in all cases we insist upon a minimum fee contribution, as part of your commitment to the counselling process.


What's the next step?

To arrange an initial assessment please contact us to arrange a suitable date, time and venue.......  It’s as simple as that!

Before your initial assessment it would be helpful if you could download and complete our Client Assessment Form and bring it with you to your first meeting.




Confidentiality & Legal


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